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onsdag 31 mars 2010

4th week - Från... Kosmos?

Day 22: 31/3-10
Original - another day of weariness... sorry for the quality.

Day 23: 1/04-10
Original - girl from kosmos

Day 24: 2/04-10
Original - B-side

Day 25:

Coming soon, my connection's been down and the drawing's at home, I'll be uploading it soon. Edit: Got my connection back!
Original - B-side-kosmos

Day 26:
Same problem

Original - Little-bear

Day 27:
same dilemma

Original: Little-bear kosmos

Day 28:
Same poops

Original - Old kosmos

3 kommentarer:

  1. hheeyy... aren't you on week 4 instead of 3? Xd;;

  2. Awww, I love those so much. ;_; Such a sweet idea!

  3. a kind of cool retro feeling on the design :D
    the Little-bear is my favourite... especially the
    day 27 version! ^^
    The double image/displaced effect was cool and fitting her kind of evil smile :3