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tisdag 27 april 2010


Well, I'm noticing a decline in inspiration instead of a raise, which was the purpose of this blog to begin with so I'm taking a hiatus just so I can doodle around freely without restrictions or pressure. Or I might choose another approach for this blog that requires less effort.

tisdag 20 april 2010

Week 7 - The beautiful people

Day 38: 19/04-10
Original, "The Sage"

Day 39: 21/04-10
Original, "The Original Vagabond" (2 minute sketch)

Day 40: 22/04-10
Original, "The Widower"

Day 41: 23/04-10
Original, "The forgotten ruler"

Day 42: 24/04-10
Original, "The unsung hero"

Day 43: 25/04-10
Original, "The guardian"

Day 44: 26/04-10
Original, "Teh Lil' Granny" (Sorry, I'm really worn out today... I can't draw anything. *collapses in bed*)

tisdag 13 april 2010

Week 6 - Experimental shit

Day 30: 13/04-10
This week I'll just experiment with things. Here's a crappy failed oned rofl.

Day 31: 14/04-10
Original - doodle

Day 32: 15/04-10
Original - shitting out colors

Day 33: 16/04-10
Original ghost like figure - sorry, this is all I could conjure in ten minutes without mentally preparing myself.

Day 34: 16/04-10
Original - blehhhhhlol

Day 36: 17/04-10
Original - can't wait til this sucky week is over rofl

Day 37: 18/04-10
Original, based on a random shape my friend made in paint.

tisdag 6 april 2010

Week 5 - Historical Warriors/Leaders

Day 29: 6/04-10
Original based on historical character - Saladin (I drew this quickly at school.)

Day 30: 7/04-10
Historical person - George Armstrong Custer

Day 31: 8/04-10
Original design of historical person - Jeanne D'arc - onelinerrrrrr

Day 32: 9/04-10
Celtic warrior Boudica - PFFFTTTTTTTTTTTTTT I might finish it later and upload it tomorrow instead since my connection isn't working at home.

Day 33: 10/04-10
Tang dynasty crown prince Li Jiancheng - original depiction

Day 34: 11/04-10
Young Officer Napoleon Bonaparte - Quality art? What's that? Never heard of it.

Day 35: 12/04-10
Cleopatra and Zenobia in the middle of it all, couldn't decide which one of them I watned to draw and god am I getting lazier and lazier each day...?